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What Would You Like To Order?
Item Price Quantity
Ankle Sox (sold individually) $1.19
Fuzzy Sox (sold individually) $3.19
Toe Sox (sold individually) $1.19
Knee High Sox (sold individually) $3.19
Tights $10.99
Stockings (sold as a pair) $15.99
Sock Monkey $19.99
Sock Puppet $17.99

Staying true to our philosophy, we don't believe that you have to buy MATCHING socks to make a pair, therefore we sell socks individually so you can make the funkiest pairs of socks you want!

Fill out the order form and hit submit.  We will calculate pricing using your local taxes.  You will then be contacted with the final price using your local taxes and shipping costs and also be asked to select what payment method you will be using.

Expect your funky sox within the week!