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Something I Hope To Do In My Life

I hope to have my own family someday.  I’ve always wanted to be a mom, always has been my biggest ambition.  So now to find the right guy…

Something I Have To Forgive Someone Else For

I’m not going to pick one individual or one instance but the big thing for me is I have to let go and forgive people from my past that have hurt me by excluding me or making me feel second best.  I also have to accept that I did also contribute to my own isolation in the past by not putting myself out there.  Regrets are pointless and get me nowhere.  I just have to surround myself with people who do want to include me and let me know that I matter to them.

Something I Have To Forgive Myself For

This is a hard one, I think what I have to forgive myself for is letting my nerves get to me and making me miss out on experiences in the past.  I have to let the past go and move on.  And I have to believe everything happens for a reason and hope that things start happening for me soon lol.

Something I Hate About Myself

I hate that I have no confidence and I worry about every little thing.  I know I stress myself out about things that don’t matter at all but I can’t help it.  I really need to work on letting things just happen and realizing sometimes there is nothing I can do about it.  And I need to learn how to believe in myself more which would help me come out of my shell and not have such a difficult time in social situations.

Something I Like About Myself

Something I like about myself is that I’m driven to succeed.  I keep at something until I feel I have done the best that I can.  On the flipside to this though is it adds to the pressure I put on myself.  I know I have high expectations for myself at times which stresses me out.

Something I Could Never Get Tired Of Doing

Something I could never get tired of doing is listening to music.  I like all types of music and love having something to listen to in the background no matter what I’m doing.  No matter my mood, I can always find something to listen to.

My Dream Wedding

My dream wedding ideas have changed over the years.  I used to like the idea of having the bridesmaids dressed in different pastel colours: light blue, mint green, pale yellow, light pink, light purple with the guys having a flower or tie in a matching colour.  I still think this would make for a nice colour scheme but I now like the idea of having my maid of honour wearing red and bridesmaids wearing yellow. Though I may decide to go with all red or yellow depending on the dresses we can find and if they look good on the girls.  I also like the idea of all the dresses being slightly different just make sure the colours match.

I love red and yellow roses, though they are the expensive side, I’d like them incorporated into my wedding.  But I’ve seen a lot of pretty bouquets with lots of different types of flowers that make beautiful bouquets of red, yellow and orange flowers.


I’ve never wanted to have a big wedding and still don’t just family and close friends (though I do have a lot of cousins lol).  I’d also like to get married outside.  It would be really cool to have a destination wedding in the Caribbean but I can save the trip to the Caribbean for the honeymoon 😛

I’ve always thought the end of May, early June would make for a good time of year to get married, not too hot and not too cold.  Hopefully not rainy so getting married outside should work.

Though I really guess I need to find a guy before I get too into planning my wedding…

My Idea For A Perfect First Date

My idea for a perfect first date would be something casual that would give us a chance to get to know each other.  The whole dinner and a movie idea is an okay idea as long as you really set aside some time to talk and find out things about each other.

I think something like bowling or mini golf would take the pressure off a bit and let the two of us have some fun :)

Current Relationship Status: Discuss The Single Life

I’m kind of tired of the “single life”.  I’ve always been single and it would be nice to finally have someone important in my life.  I don’t have a lot of friends and the friends that I do have are not always close and they have their own lives to live so I spend a lot of time alone at home.  It’s hard for me to meet anyone now that I’m out of school and working where there are no people my age to even get to be friends with to meet people.  I’d like to meet someone but it would be kind of hard to just go out on my own and try to meet people when I’m shy and have never been a social person.  There’s always online dating but I haven’t had any luck with that either but I’ve been considering trying that again.

5 Irritating Things About The Opposite Sex

Okay so 5 irritating things about the opposite sex:

1. Guys seem to be clueless when girls are interested in them.  There’s always the possibility that they’re just not interested which happens, but it usually seems like everyone else can tell but them.  I think for me personally it’s written all over my face when I like someone but they never seem to realize it or simply don’t care…

2. A lot of guys like sports too much, I personally am not that interested. Some are not too bad but watching them all the time is boring to me.  I’m not a sports person but I’d prefer to play the sports instead of watch them on T.V. (and I suck at most of them lol)





I can’t even think of 5 things that I find irritating about guys, it’s all generalizations and if I find anything else irritating about guys, it’s irritating about girls too.  I don’t like people who are arrogant / full of themselves – guys or girls.  I don’t like how guys and girls don’t give some people a chance, just instantly judge them and decide to dislike them.  And I don’t like people in general who are two-faced.