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15 Facts About Me – Fact #5

My 5th fact about myself is I’ve went to 5 schools – Parkview Public School (Lindsay), Moonstone Elementary School, Coldwater Public School, Park Street Collegiate Institute & Georgian College (Barrie Campus).

15 Facts About Me – Fact #4

My 4th fact about myself  is I live on family property now in a little area called “Hobart”, near Moonstone and Coldwater where we’ve lived since we left Lindsay.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #3

My 3rd fact about myself is I lived in an apartment building until I was 6 (turning 7 a month later) in Lindsay.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #2

My 2nd fact about myself is I have fairly large families: my dad is one of 7 children and my mom is one of 4.  Therefore I have a lot of cousins.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #1

My 1st fact about myself is I have 2 younger brothers, one 2 years younger and one 10 years younger.  My parents had a still born 11 months before me (a girl).

15 Facts About Me

Starting today I am going to post some facts about myself during the week for the rest of the month (15 in all).  People who know me will probably know these things about me but I haven’t been using my blog much so hopefully this will get me back into blogging again.

Photograph Of Me Now & 3 Good Things That Have Happened In The Last Month

This is the most recent picture I have from at my friend Paul’s wedding in August.  The month of October was actually not a very good one for me, I was sick a lot of it and feeling stressed (lots of different things) so I can’t really think of 3 good things that happened.

Have I Ever Thought About Giving Up On Life

There have been times where I wondered why I am alive, what purpose I serve and what difference I make to other people’s lives but I think that is a common thought that pretty much everyone has had at some point in their life.  I never would actually contemplate ending my life though.

Why I Think I’m Still Alive Today

I don’t know what my “life’s purpose” is which is how I kind of interpret this question.

Though I do think I had a close call a couple of winters back where I had come very close to being hit on the highway when I spun out.  Literally think a minute made the difference of being hit and killed by a truck that hadn’t slowed down.  Then I also ended up very close to an on ramp which had put me in danger of being hit if people were going too fast coming onto the highway so I was very lucky a trucker stopped and got me unstuck.  So in this instance I am alive because of the timing and potentially the trucker who stopped to help me.

Something I Regret Not Doing

I guess when I wrote the last post I should have considered this upcoming post lol.  Since the last post was actually meant to be about something I regret doing not not doing, but for me though I can’t think of anything that I have done that I really regret doing, anything that I wish I could change is experiences I missed out on.