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15 Facts About Me – Fact #5

My 5th fact about myself is I’ve went to 5 schools – Parkview Public School (Lindsay), Moonstone Elementary School, Coldwater Public School, Park Street Collegiate Institute & Georgian College (Barrie Campus).

15 Facts About Me – Fact #4

My 4th fact about myself  is I live on family property now in a little area called “Hobart”, near Moonstone and Coldwater where we’ve lived since we left Lindsay.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #3

My 3rd fact about myself is I lived in an apartment building until I was 6 (turning 7 a month later) in Lindsay.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #2

My 2nd fact about myself is I have fairly large families: my dad is one of 7 children and my mom is one of 4.  Therefore I have a lot of cousins.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #1

My 1st fact about myself is I have 2 younger brothers, one 2 years younger and one 10 years younger.  My parents had a still born 11 months before me (a girl).

15 Facts About Me

Starting today I am going to post some facts about myself during the week for the rest of the month (15 in all).  People who know me will probably know these things about me but I haven’t been using my blog much so hopefully this will get me back into blogging again.