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15 Facts About Me – Fact #15

My 15th fact about myself I have never been on a plane, and have never left Canada.  The furthest I have travelled is P.E.I.  I would like to travel west to B.C.  And I’d love to travel all over Europe.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #14

My 14th fact about myself is I had always believed I would marry young and be a stay-at-home mom, hoping to have a job from home so I still can contribute but be able to raise my kids myself.  I still want this though obviously I won’t be quite as young as I had originally thought I would be.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #13

My 13th fact about myself is I’m single and tired of being single.  I work from home and unfortunately don’t have many people that I hang out with so don’t have a lot of ways to meet anyone.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #12

My 12th fact about myself is I am a very anxious person and I worry and stress excessively over things that I know is unreasonable but I can’t help it.  I know this has kept me away from, and, made it so I didn’t enjoy social situations as much as I would have liked though I am trying to let this not affect me as much.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #11

My 11th fact about myself is I don’t have a lot of friends but the friends I do have I have had for quite a while and believe they are friendships that will last.  I have friends that I have had since I was 7 years old (15 years) and I know we will be lifelong friends.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #10

My 10th fact about myself is I recently bought a brand new car and my next goal is to move out (hopefully in the next year) though I want to be sure I have enough money put aside so if something unexpected comes up, I will be okay and won’t have to move back home.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #9

My 9th fact about myself is I have a lot of DVDs (movies and TV series), CDs and books.  Lots to keep me entertained.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #8

My 8th fact about myself is I have some very big collections.  I start a collection and it grows quickly.  If I get one or two of a set, I want more. I have beanie babies, fairy figurines and Betty Boop collectibles.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #7

My 7th fact about myself is I like reading and computers, I spend a lot of time reading or being on the computer.

15 Facts About Me – Fact #6

My 6th fact about myself is I took Web Animation & Design at Georgian College (Barrie Campus) and graduated in April 2010.