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Day 28 – Something you’re afraid of.


hate being "evaluated" in any way

For me, failure is my biggest fear.  I get incredibly anxious whenever I get into a situation where I am being evaluated / tested.  I am horrible under pressure and even if I am able to do something, when I’m being watched I’ll screw it up.  Since I worry so much already about everything, that doesn’t help, so being afraid of failing really makes it difficult to do anything where I am getting evaluated.  It makes it extra stressful for me when starting a new job, it was really hard for me and extremely stressful for me to book my road tests (such a relief now that I am fully licensed) and it’s even stressful driving with friends because I feel like I’m being evaluated.  It was stressful writing tests in school even though I generally did well all the way through school.  It even kinda feels like I might fail when meeting new people.  This all adds up to my lack of confidence, shyness and excessive worrying.  Hopefully with age I won’t be so afraid of failing…it’s only natural to worry about something like that but it shouldn’t prevent me from trying things.  Well and now that I’m older I won’t be in as many “testing” type scenarios so that should help too.

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