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Day 01 – A recent picture of you and fifteen interesting facts about yourself.

Recent Picture

New Hair October 29th, 2010

So for day 1 of the 30 day challenge I am to post a recent picture of myself (see above) and write 15 interesting facts about myself…don’t know if anything is all that interesting about me but we’ll see what  I can  come up with…

Fact 1: Well it seems appropriate to start off with the fact that I finished up my job last week that I had been at since August 20th 2008.

Fact 2: Today will be the 1st day of my new job, starting to officially get into my field of study.

Fact 3: In April of this year I completed my 2 year web design program at Georgian College in Barrie, ON. (graduated with honours)

Fact 4: I am the oldest of 3 children in my family, and am the only girl.

Fact 5: I own an Alero Oldsmobile.  I got it a month before my 18th birthday.

Fact 6: I grew up in an apartment in Lindsay, Ontario until I was 7 and my family moved to a lot owned by my dad’s dad.

Fact 7: I still remember how I made my first friend when I moved here, proving it really is a small world. (My cousin who lived next door when I moved here was dating her older sister and they had told us we should get to know each other and so we did lol)

Fact 8: On that same note I still am quite close to a few friends that I made when I first moved here when I was  7.

Fact 9: I have broken two bones…both of my little toes…I will never be able to where pointy-toed shoes haha.

Fact 10: I have never smoked or done any drugs and have zero desire to ever try any of the above.

Fact 11: I love to read, have become almost addicted within the last year lol.

Fact 12: I used to have zero interest in anything (movies or books) to do with the supernatural or mythical creatures but ever since the Twilight phenomenon I have really got into the stories. The Twilight movies do not do the books any justice which is the reason why I even read the books because I didn’t understand all the hype about the movies lol. I particularly like the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels, True Blood is the T.V. adaptation.

Fact 13: I am allergic to A LOT of things lol was tested for 20 common allergies and had 19 of them.  Fortunately none of them are really serious.

Fact 14: I would like to travel across Europe one day.

Fact 15: I know what names I would like to give any future children I have and already have ideas for my wedding though I am still single haha.

30 Day Challenge