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If You Would…

I would like to start doing some web design work just so I have something more to put in my portfolio, so my thought is if I make up some simple, fictional websites that would be some good practice and also look good on my site.

Here’s what I would like you to do (if you so kindly would lol):

1. Come up with a type of business / service that is in need of a web site.

2. A general idea of how you want the site to look (for example: colours, boxy versus curvy, etc…).

3. If you’ve got an idea for a company name that would be good too.

Then from this I would create a logo, and a simple site (around 5 pages) with fake text to go on each page.

Thanks so much to anyone who could help me out 😀

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    8/2/2010 | 4:24 am Permalink

    I have one for you maybe. Up to you. How about a clothes company. So lets say like Roxy or BillaBong. But we can call it either Roxy Effect (which i designed a logo for it but you can design your own) The website can have a slide show of the different clothing. The navigation has mens, women’s, girls and then boys maybe. have to research some other clothing companies websites. Depending on the logo of the company that will be on the clothing is how you go with the design. Check on Nomis website something similar to this but of course different design and colours. this is totally up to you to try it. I don’t have for sure ideas because I am tired right now. but it could be a project to do.

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    8/3/2010 | 1:50 am Permalink

    thanks Jenna, it’s something I could possibly try :) And putting a cool slideshow in it will be something I haven’t done yet.